Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are important items in moving your belongings, whether that move is cross country or just across town. A factor that makes that a big difference is the thickness of the moving blanket. This can be determined by the weight of the blanket, and the outer fabric of the blanket. Often the inside filler is recycled cotton on most pads.

Cheap Moving Blankets

There are several types of moving 3002261_movingblankets_s208blankets:

  • Economy blankets ( aka furniture pads) have nonwoven fabric on each side. This Nonwoven fabric is quite soft but not very durable. Furniture moving pads are an excellent choice for putting furniture in storage or for packing blankets for overseas shipping if you don’t expect to see blankets again.
  • Green moving blankets, similar in weight to Economy or Furniture pads, however, the outer fabric is woven polyester on each side. Polyester has great durability than nonwoven fabric.
  • Professional grade moving blankets are sometimes called “Multicolor moving blankets.” They combine advantages of soft fabric on one side and durable woven fabric on the reverse side.
  • Some consumers favor the Deluxe grade moving blanket. It has one side light blue and the other dark blue, a useful feature. Which allows you to always know what side will be touching the furniture (and clean) and what side is the outside.
  • Premium grade moving blankets are naturally heavier than most types of the moving pad you get. At a respectable weight of almost 7 pounds per blanket they provide both protection and durability.
  • Cotton moving blankets are at the top of the heap. They are very nice and very heavy blankets. Outside cotton is soft, not rough and scratchy like cheaper blankets. They do not slide off the furniture easily.

Furniture Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are used for a variety of uses. Some folks use them for execising. Some people have even used them for soundproofing of studios.

All polyester cheap moving blankets are easy to wash and dry. It is recommended to wash under garden hose and leave outside for a few hours to dry. Polyester is soft, smooth and slick at the same time. This is one of the best things to use when moving and helps to make it easier.