How To Pack Boxes

Half the battle of moving is getting everything you own packed up in their respective boxes and than into the moving truck. If you have moved several times than you are most likely an expert on this. If this is your first time than you need to know a few things on how to fit everything in neatly and how to protect it.

The first things to get packed up are the smaller items that fit into the boxes. Always do what you can to pack like items with each other. If you are boxing up your books than don’t put breakable knickknacks in with them. Books should all be packed together and should be stacked either sideways or long ways.

Another important rule of thumb is to keep items that belong in the same room together. You might find sometimes that you have to put different items together – but at least everything will be organized.

When packing up the box imagine that you are putting a puzzle together. You want to get all of your belongings into as few boxes as possible. This makes packing the moving truck quicker and allows you to get a much smaller truck. Fit items inside of each other as best you can and as long as nothing will break. Be careful though. If the box won’t close or the bottom strains when you pick it up than it is too heavy.

Below are a list of things you should do when packing up boxes.

  • Put heavy items on the bottom
  • Fragile items must be wrapped in paper and placed above anything that can crush them
  • Pack items like you are putting together a puzzle
  • Keep items in the same room together
  • Try to keep like items together
  • Label each box with the room they belong in
  • Label the box ‘fragile’ if there are any breakables inside