How To Pack Up The Moving Truck

One of the hardest parts of moving is packing up the moving truck. Most people will hire a professional moving company to pack up all of the boxes and furniture that they own and than to drive it to the new place. However, this can cost hundreds of dollars and not everyone can afford it.

You could save a great deal of money by renting a U-haul and moving it all yourself. Just make sure that you bribe a lot of your friends with pizza and soda to come help you pack it up. Besides food and drink you want to have moving blankets and a hand dolly. The dolly will help you to move large furniture into the truck.

Packing the truck is like putting a puzzle together. You want everything you own to fit in tightly. This will help it all to fit and keep it from falling over when you are driving. The first thing you are going to put inside of the truck are some heavy boxes. These will be placed along the back ledge of the truck and stacked up as high as it can go.

In front of this ledge you will put in the furniture. Wrap the furniture up with moving blankets. This will help to keep them from becoming scratched when they rub up against each other. The same should be done for large glass mirrors or picture frames. This will keep them from breaking and scratching.

In between the furniture you might be able to place some boxes. These can be used to stabilize the lighter pieces. When you are finished packing everything should be in their proper place with no signs of shifting and the door should close without anything being in its way.