How To Prepare For A Move

Moving is an ordeal for many of us. It is exciting to be given the chance to live in a new home or a new city – but having to switch over utilities and move everything that we own takes preparation and organization. These are two things that not all of us are good at and without it the whole thing can be stressful.

The best way to not stress over the whole situation is to put together a moving checklist for yourself. Write down all the things you have to do before you leave and after you have arrived at your destination.

Budget The Move

The first thing you have to do is set up a strict budget. If you are not careful you will spend so much money to move that you won’t have anything until you start your new job. If you know months in advance that you are going to move than plan that far ahead and start to save now. Waiting till last minute could ruin your plans.


Start collecting moving supplies. You need tape, boxes, newspaper, and moving blankets. If you do it right you should only have to pay for the blankets and tape. You can get a whole roll of paper at your local newspaper office for free. Visit your local liquor store or McDonalds and ask them to have their empty boxes. Most businesses will gladly give them away so they do not have to dispose of them.


It is best to start packing the house a month in advance, two if you have a lot of items. Start in the room that you use less and sort through everything in it. This is the time to purge yourself of things you don’t like or don’t need. Make sure that you label what room every box belongs to and whether or not it is fragile.


You don’t want to be charged electric and water on the days that you won’t be in the house. Make sure to call your electric and water company and give them a cut off date (the date you are moving out). Also call the utilities office in your new town and give them a turn on date and any deposits.