Rent Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are one of the most important supplies to have on hand when you are packing up the moving truck. These are used to safeguard your large items that can break and scratch easily. They are designed to be thick and can last for years at a time. Most moving companies will provide you with a set – but this isn’t usually enough for us.

If you need more than you can buy them or you can rent them. Most people prefer to rent them because they do not plan on moving many times in their life. The best place to begin your search is at the moving companies in your local area. They always carry the necessary moving supplies and they might be able to rent more to you for an additional fee.


You do not want to just rent whatever they happen to give you. There are three types to choose from; skin, economy, and premium. The skin blankets have no padding in them and are going to be the cheapest. They do help prevent scratches – but they won’t do much good if something breakable falls.

The economy is still affordable and has a little bit more padding. These are commonly given to people who rent out trucks and they do a great job of protecting items. The premium is going to be the most expensive – but the highest quality. This is made with the best fabric and has the most padding.

How Many

Now that you know what you want you have to decide on how many will be enough. It is best to have at least one blanket over large items like couches, tables, picture frames, and other breakable items. If you are worried about a certain item or there is too much room for them to fall than you should get extra to wrap them in.