Used Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are made to protect your furniture from being damaged  while being moved, shipped, or sitting in storage. They are a great thing to have on hand.  If you buy new premium moving blankets they can last for years and be used again and again.

There are a wide variety of moving blankets out there and some of them may be overpriced. The best way you can get your hands on some without having to break your moving budget is to purchase them used. The ones that you find might be a bit worn around the edges – but they will still do a great job at protecting your furniture.

Where To Buy Them

Try looking on websites for used moving blankets such as Craigslist or EBay. These websites offer a variety of perfectly good condition blankets for an affordable price. Because they are auction sites you will have a better chance at getting something for a good deal. You might even be able to purchase three or four at one time.

These come in an assortment of material just as new blankets. The only difference is that the used ones maybea bit worn out and faded but they still serve the purpose of protecting the furniture. They are commonly made from polyester with the filler being made of cotton or waste fabric.

Sometimes you don’t have to purchase the blankets that you need. When you rent a moving truck from U-haul or other companies they might provide you with what you need. Some companies will charge you extra for their moving blankets while others will include it with the truck along with a hand dolly. These blankets have been used by hundreds of other people – but like with any brand they are made to last for years and will be just as effective.